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The Cruiser is a high volume tripping canoe built for packing large payloads. It is fast, stable and designed to hold up to 3 or 4 people plus gear. The Cruiser is a safe and accommodating canoe for families, and will comfortably fit two paddlers, kids, dogs, and 4 barrels and camping gear. The dramatically flared deep bow allows it to smash through waves and remain dry. The design and volume of this canoe make it an excellent choice for long wilderness trips and grade 1 or 2 river trips with the family.

Length: 18′ 8 / 5.69m
Rocker: 2″ / 5.08 cm
Gunwale: 34″ / 86.36 cm

Boat Weight
Duralite: 64 lbs / 29 kg
Kevlar: 56 lbs / 25 kg
Duratuff: 74 lbs/33.57 kg

Bow: 20 / 50.8 cm
Center: 13.5 / 34.29 cm
Stern: 16″ / 40.64 cm


Duralite: $2700.00               Kevlar: $3500.00


Standard Features

Available Features

Available Features