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The Otter is a river running performance canoe. It is an amazing play boat for intermediate and advanced paddlers. It is incredibly light, and can be easily carried around. The Otter is very forgiving, making it a great boat to learn and advance in. It has a flat bottom, and very sharp chines, which makes it a great boat for carving and surfing. The Otter also has great secondary stability, it can be leaned onto its side with confidence.

Length: 10′ 6 / 3.2 m
Rocker: 3″ / 7.62 cm
Gunwale: 27″ / 68.58 cm

Boat Weight
Duralite: 30 lbs / 14 kg
Duratuff: 39 lbs / 18 kg

Bow: 18″ / 45.72 cm
Center: 15.6″ / 39.62 cm
Stern: 18″ / 35.72 cm


Duralite: $1600.00*         Duratuff: $1700.00*  (*does not including outfitting)


Standard Features

Available Features

Available Features